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In order to provide more complete service, Garbellotto has realized a renewing of the barrel line, not only aesthetical: the hoops have been rationalized with circles narrower and thicker in order to have the same static seal, but increasing the surface area of free wood, and so the micro-oxygenation; the available range of wood and thickness has been expanded, having wood throughout all France, not only in the Central Massif, but also near Paris in Fontainebleau, where two centuries ago Napoleon loved to hunt deer.

The 300 l barrels and 500 l tonneaux with 32 mm ‘split’ oak, represent the company’s more international range of products, which are complemented by the more ‘Italian’ range of 350 l and 550l barrels, with the latter being 42 mm thick.

Bending of staves is always carried out using a direct flame and the exclusive DTS® method which allows the heat level of the flame to be digitally controlled, maintaining all wood at the same temperature without any changes to the aromas.

Thanks to the Digital Toasting System®, bending is followed by toasting, a process in which the temperature is also controlled precisely. Laser probes detect the interior temperature throughout the wood’s surface. These probes are connected to a tablet which manages increases or reductions in temperature, so that if medium toasting requires 185°, then this temperature will be even across each square centimetre of the wood. This allows toasting to penetrate deep inside the wood, enhancing the release of aromas, which may even be pre-selected thanks to NIR® technology.

The following toasting options are available: light at 180°, medium at 185°, medium-plus at 190° and strong at 210°.

The final step is the finishing touch, consisting of interior and exterior planing followed by sand-papering, in order to make the surfaces truly magnificent to look at.


Oak Origin

  • France: Allier, Never, Fontainebleau, Limousin, Vosges;
  • Slavonia
  • American oak: Missouri, Pennsylvania.

Special wood selection

We also offer special solutions of wood for particular purposes, as blend of different oak origins and also different varieties of wood (acacia, cherry, ash, chestnut, etc).


We offer only high quality splitted wood with tight grain.
The medium grain is not used for our barrique and tonneaux.

French oak and french border forests oak



Standard accessories:

  • Silicon stopper for upper hole
  • Square wooden support

For special needs we can provide the barrels with also other special accessories, on request we can apply the natural breathable paint that protects from excessive humidity.

Size table

  Staves Diameter
Liters in cm
50 60 50
100 70 55
225 95 69
225 95 69
225 95 69
300 100 78
350 105 82
500 110 95
550 110 100
750 110 110
Some capacities require a minimum order of 20 units.