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Research Department

KU LEUVEN – Beer Research.
Special beers in wood Garbellotto.

The prestigious University of Ku Leuven in Belgium, a country known throughout the world for the production of ‘special beers’ and pils, is performing since 2017 numerous studies on the various types of wood analyzed with the NIR method and on the various and possible interactions between wood and beer. Professor Bart Lievens has over 40 barriques of various NIR aromatic types and various types of wood’ essences. In addition to the wood tests, the University can verify the best toasting level thanks to the supply of other barriques.

FICO – Learning ideas/researches.

We are present in the largest food park in the world built in Bologna and opened in November 2017. At the Bottaia 52 of FICO, which contains  52 Garbellotto’s barrels, tasting lessons are held, of Italian history on wine. We like to think of the Bottaia 52 as a space that forms the consumer and at the same time the professional always looking for new ideas for a constantly evolving market.


DIVEL – research project on Veneto Distillates.

From 2017 we are an integral part of the DIVEL project which aims to identify the best types of wood for the aging of distillates. A pool of experts from the DAFNAE (Department of Agronomy for Animals, Natural Resources and Environment of the University of Padua) and CREA (Research Center for Viticulture and Oenology of Conegliano) coordinated by dr. Mirko De Rosso are carrying out chemical-analytical studies on volatile substances, on aromas found in marcs and in on NIR wood types. The dott. Mirko De Rosso, in collaboration with the Castagner company (Distilleria Acquavite SpA), aims to study the aromatic cession of staves on distillates..

SDA BOCCONI – Wine Management lab

Research on the interaction between wine and territory has been carried out thanks to the collaboration with SDA Bocconi of Milan from 2016 to 2018.
Coordinated by dr. Andrea Rea, the study produced moments of meeting and reflection with companies in the wine sector.