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The Experience ®

The Experience ® is the result of Garbellotto’s cooperation with renowned winemaker Roberto Cipresso. The name has the double meaning of the term ‘experience’ as a re-interpretation of fermentation in wood.

This traditional technique is used to produce must with more stable and cleaner colour and aroma due to the dual effect of micro-oxygenation combined with the exchange of natural tannins during fermentation.

It has a capacity of 1,000 litres, which helps those who do not normally use fermentation in wood to approach the method gradually. After fermentation it can be used as an ageing tank, as it has an exchange surface similar to a 500 litre tonneau.

It has a truncated conical shape and is designed so that its height of 110cm (therefore less than its width) creates the bouyant force considered in Archimedes’ principle, obstructing the upward thrust of the cap. Also available is a practical KIT to keep the cap submerged during fermentation, and an accessory to facilitate stacking the two units one on top of the other.

Besides full discharge, The Experience ® also comes with steel supports designed for use with an automatic tipping system to empty the vessel directly into the wine press. A special stainless steel support is used to stack the vats, even when full.

External measures of The Experience ® 1.000 lt:

Stave length: 1100 mm
Maximal diameter: 1300 mm
Stave and head thickness: 55 mm

Pouring system