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Large Capacity

Our Large Capacity Division completes Garbellotto’s product range.

The vats in oak, larch, ash or other wood species have various capacities from 150 hl to 3000 hl.

Vat construction is automated, with staves assembled dry, avoiding slight curving by means of special hoops. The patented hooping system with self-locking plate is in 18/10 AISI 316 steel and guarantees perfectly maintained internal pressure, making vat construction and assembly in situ easier and more economical.

Accessories such as doors and discharge valves are in 18/10 AISI 316 stainless steel. All vats come with accident prevention devices, such as step rests, safety hooks and/or safety railings. We perform special approval tests to ensure perfect tightness for vats used to contain particularly dense liquids.

Standard vat composition

Digitally controlled LARGE CAPACITIES

Our new project (patent application No. ITA102020000012844) makes it possible to produce wooden vinificators or acetifiers that can automatically run temperature control, monitor acidity and Ph, and issue a warning when topping up is necessary.

The vat connects to the corporate Wi-Fi network and is incorporated into the company management software and devices such as, for example, the existing central air conditioning system.

Instruction for use

Conditions different from those described above will invalidate the guarantee.