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La Garbellotta

The spirit of ‘Made in Italy’ unites Garbellotto, a historic producer of barrels and wine casks, with Itlas Srl, a leading manufacturer of wood flooring. La Garbellotta is designed for those who seek to relax in an eco-sustainable environment with an enchanting atmosphere.

It can be a bedroom, a sauna or a wine cellar, situated in green, open spaces where time can stand still in luxury. La Garbellotta is an innovative tourist proposition, in the category of tourist accommodation that does not require building permission in many parts of Italy.


G. & P. Garbellotto S.p.A.
T: +39 0438 366411

Garbellotta Wild

Provided with all comforts, this is a new type of architecture surrounded by greenery and open spaces.

Designed for those who love adventure, but also ideal for anyone who simply wants to get away from it all in a unique environment, without forgoing creature comforts. La Garbellotta offers alternative romantic tourism that provides unforgettable, unique experiences.

Dimensions: 6.00 x 2.90m
ACCESSORIES (included in price):

  • Patented hooping made in AISI 316 stainless steel and self-locking plate
  • Covered in brown sheet metal
  • Support saddles impregnated with damp-resistant finish
  • Large anchor bolts for securing to ground (assembly not included)
  • Front access steps
  • French window access and bedroom window
  • Wooden flooring
  • Bed, bed-armchair and stender
  • Bathroom with shower, washbasin and toilet
  • Plumbing, complete with boiler
  • Electricals with LED lighting
  • Internal split air conditioning system

The Wine Cellar

La Garbellotta also comes as a wine cellar version. Inside the barrel an original unique space can be allocated for tasting wine and local specialities.

Dimensions 3.50m x 2.70m
ACCESSORIES (included in price):

  • Surface area with window and French window (no furniture)
  • Front access steps
  • Plumbing, complete with boiler
  • Electricals with LED lighting
  • Internal split air conditioning system

The Sauna

Designed as an integration for a holiday village, La Sauna is a great solution for winding down and relaxing. The scents of the earth issue from the wood, and the heat of the Finnish sauna relaxes the muscles and helps purify the body.

Dimensions: 3.00m x 2.70m diameter

  • French window access and steps
  • ‘Finnish sauna’ electric stove with incorporated controls
  • Electricals with LED lighting
  • Two benches

La Tina

Hand made by our expert coopers, this is a new product suitable for green, sustainable tourism. Viable also in winter, thanks to a wood burner, it is ideal situated in breathtaking landscapes, close to tourist structures.

La Tina can host up to four persons at a time.

Diameter 1.80 mt –
Height 0.90 cm

  • Larch wood
  • Stainless steel wood burner with fireguard
  • Stainless steel hoops
  • Exterior with impregnated finish
  • Front access steps
  • Internal fir wood benches
  • Drainage tap
  • Wooden supports