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La Botticella ®

This product is the result of research by our collaborators into rationalising the use of normal ‘tonneaux’ in wine cellars.

They combine the ease of use typical of large casks with the speed of ageing in 750-1,000 litre barrels because the tonneaux are automatically constructed ready for use and can be fitted with the same accessories as casks.

This facilitates use and cleaning because they do not need to be moved. They are constructed with two types of staves: split or 40-45mm, and 55mm quarter sawn.

Section view - 1.000 lt


Standard accessories:

  • a small wooden door made from one central stave at the front end;
  • stainless steel valve fixed to the door, with a choice of attachments and sizes;
  • stainless steel wine-tasting spoon fixed to the centre of front end;
  • damp-proof tannic or resinous wooden supports;
  • silicone stopper for bung hole.

On demand, stainless steel front door, 160 mm upper cover, full drainage unit or 30mm valve.


Size 19 x 26cm, inserted at 3 cm from the top of the staves, complete with steel valves.